12th European Public Health Conference: Building bridges for solidarity and public health

20th November 2019 – 23rd November 2019 all-day
Marseille (FRA)

The 12th European Public Health (EPH) Conference takes place under the motto “Building bridges for solidarity and public health”, addressing in particular researchers, policymakers, practitioners and educators in public health and many other related fields.

Main topics:

  • Building bridges for the increasing problem of migration
  • Solidarity for public health – health in all policies
  • Changing populations and the need for a diversified approach to public health
  • Building global bridges – the interrelation between European public health and global public health
  • New roles for public health practice

Abstracts will be invited for workshops and single presentations on all areas of public health research, practice and policy as from 01st February 2019.

Further information can be found here and in the conference flyer