26th International Conference on Healthpromoting Hospitals and Health Services – Health promotion strategies to achieve reorientation of health services: evidence-based policies and practices

6th June 2018 – 8th June 2018 all-day
Bologna (ITA)

In 2018, the 26th annual International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (International HPH Conference) will take place in the Bologna Conference center.
Reorienting health services towards the promotion of health is an ambition outlined already in 1986 in the Ottawa Charter, but which has only been realized to a limited degree so far. Therefore, this year’s conference intends to show and reflect the contribution of health promotion strategies in pursuing the goal of reorienting health services.

Main topics:

  • Which governance tools/policies have been experienced by health services to be helpful for implementing health promotion?
  • What was the contribution of HPH to good governance of health services so far and how can HPH better contribute to further improvement?
  • How are concepts of health promoting health services supported by experience from everyday practice in the field in various kinds of health services and considering diverse user and patient groups?
  • What are successful examples that bring disease management and health promotion together?
  • How to best provide the opportunities, skills and resources people need to be articulate and empowered users of health services?
  • Which structures, practices and professional skills are needed for accompanying participation processes and community involvement?
  • How do patients and their families want to be involved in health care decisions, and what specific role can self-help groups and the self-help-friendly hospital play?
  • How can it be ensured that underserved and marginalized groups become involved?
  • How can risks of under- and overuse of the health system be managed?
  • Which obstacles have to be overcome and which incentives, competencies, forms of delivery and types of organization can support the strengthening of health promotion in primary health services?
  • Which experiences from HPH can be transferred to primary health care, but also, which new and supplementary approaches have to be developed and applied?


The participation fee depends on personal status and freely selectable options.

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