Health: The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live

25th January 2018 – 26th January 2018 all-day
Bristol (GBR)

The World Health Organisation identifies that an increasing degree of urbanization represents major threats and challenges to personal and public health. It assesses the ‘urban health threat’ as three-fold:

  • infectious diseases,
  • non-communicable diseases and
  • violence and injury from, amongst other things, road traffic.

Within this tripartite structure of health issues in the built environment are multiple challenges: For example, our health and our way of life in homes, streets, neighbourhoods and cities cannot be separated. In addition, health problems caused by the built environment are always also based on social and political problems. This conference seeks to cause a better understanding of the interconnectedness and potential solutions to the problems associated with health and the built environment.

To that end, the conference shall draws together health professionals, government representatives, social scientists, anthropologists, architects and urban planners to discuss these…

main topics:

  • Healthy homes
  • Walkable cities,
  • Design for ageing
  • Dementia and the built environment
  • Health equality and urban poverty
  • Community health services
  • Neighbourhood support and wellbeing
  • Urban sanitation and communicable disease
  • The role of transport infrastructures and government policy
  • The cost implications of ‘unhealthy’ cities

Presentations by short and feature length film makers as well as screenings and debates filtered through short film projects are welcome.

Delegate fee: £190
Audience Fee: £90

Deadline for registration: 10. January 2018

Further information can be found here: