Call for Poster…

for the Tandem event “Sustainable Urban Health” (17-18.11.2021; closed)

This event provides the opportunity to present scientific posters on current, or recently (2019-2021) completed, research projects and practice-related projects concerning “Sustainable Urban Health”. The posters should be self-explanatory and appropriate for interdisciplinary discussion; the text can be written in German or English. Posters are not necessarily associated with an oral presentation. The event will include a digital space where the posters can be viewed – this space will be accessible beyond the conference period.

Application procedure: Final extension until 08.10.2021

One person can apply as first author for up to 2 posters and submit 2 abstracts accordingly. The application includes the submission of your contact details (registration) and the abstract(s). Abstracts should be written in plain text with a maximum of 2.500 characters (including blanks) and cover the following information:

  • Informative title
  • Participating author(s) and associated institution(s)
  • Background and research question or practice objective
  • Research or practice context, e.g. qualification thesis or funded project, incl. source and period of funding
  • Methodology used
  • (Preliminary) results and discussion
  • Contact details of the first author.

We will review the submitted abstracts and give you feedback in the month following the submission.

Please enter your details and the abstract(s) in “one go” in the online procedure. If any changes are required later, please let us know by email.

To apply, click here (application-tool in German).

For accepted abstracts, the corresponding posters will have to be submitted via the Sciebo science cloud by the end of October 2021. This does not require registration with Sciebo. If your project receives an acceptance, you will be emailed a personalised URL for poster submission.

Poster design

The content of each poster should correspond to the abstract and its outline. Diagrams and illustrations are welcome.

We ask that posters of accepted projects be designed using Microsoft PowerPoint. More specific format information will be provided in the course of the selection process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.