Satellite Workshop: Building Bridges for Sustainable CityHealth

The satellite workshop “Building Bridges for Sustainable CityHealth” was organized within the framework of the conference “Designing the City of the Future: Lifetime Mobile in All Weather” (08./09.11.17, Stuttgart) and the project “Building Bridges” in the funding program “City of the Future – Healthy, Sustainable Metrololen “, prepared in cooperation with the Committee” CityHealth” of the Society for Hygiene, Environmental Medicine and Prevention (GHUP).

Topics and results of the satellite workshop
“Buildung Bridges for Sustainable CityHealth” (short version)

1. Welcome, Context
This satellite workshop was the second meeting of the cooperation initiative “Sustainable Health in the City and Region”. Baseline of a short description / flyer were discussed.

2. Activity-Mapping CityHealth
Based on the existing “Yellow Pages“, a more complete overview of institutions and activities emerges (see also Actors).

3. Public Health Service (ÖGD) and CityHealth
The ÖGD is a strategic partner for city health; a presentation from LZG.NRW reported on status quo and development options. The project “Building Bridges” recently proposed additions to the mission statement for the ÖGD.

4. Overview Urban Health international
With Bolzano (IT) there is already international participation in the initiative; this can be extended, e.g. via the EUPHA section Urban Public Health.

5. Research perspectives; connection to current political processes state/federal level

6. Academic Teaching
Academic teaching – including joint excursions of planners and health experts – played an important role in the run-up to the funding program and the cooperation initiative; Experiences and materials from past and present could now be used together.

7. Various
Book publication of the Academy of Regional Planning (ARL), announced for spring 2018: Planning for health-promoting city regions (S. Baumgart, H. Köckler, A. Ritzinger, A. Rüdiger, eds./Hg.)