9th Conference “City of the Future – Healthy, Sustainable Metropolises” (21-22.11.2023 in Bonn):

Therapeutic Urban Landscapes under Stress. Conservation, development opportunities and displacement risks in a world of change.

The conference will include plenary and parallel forums on demography, digitality , climate change, and biodiversity; it aims to address questions such as:
  • What opportunities do therapeutic landscape elements of green-blue infrastructure, as well as built urban space, offer to more resiliently address stressors?
  • What are the health risks … in urban competition for land and resources …?
  • How does the concept of therapeutic landscapes relate to the concept of nature? … What potential does the concept offer for urban practice …?
  • With which … instruments of urban development can therapeutic landscapes be secured and strengthened?
Conference hosts are Prof. Dr. Thomas Kistemann and Dr. Timo Falkenberg, GeoHealth Centre, Institute for Hygiene & Public Health, University Hospital Bonn. The conference is funded by the Fritz and Hildegard Berg Foundation and is held in cooperation with the Program Advisory Board.
Registrations are now open. Please send an email to the conference office: maria.leppin@ukbonn.de.
For more information see here (PDF document in German).