autonomMOBIL: The elderly-friendly city – autonomy and sustainable mobility in the context of climate change


  • Investigation of interactions between environmental factors (climate conditions, noise, and air pollution control as well as structural and spatial conditions), mobility behaviour of elderly people and their health and well-being
  • Describing and explaining person-environment-interactions and helping to shape an age-appropriate environment, based on respective knowledge
  • Description and explanation of interaction between: climatic factors, environmental conditions (noise, air), design of urban open space, daily mobility, health of an aging urban population
  • Recommendations for an age-appropriate and healthy urban development in times of climate change and its negative consequences.

Project Descriptio

autonom mobil

The research of autonomMOBIL aims to describe and explain person-environment interactions and to help creating an age-appropriate environment, based on the research findings. The overall structure of the project including the five Ph.D. dissertations is composed of two paths of research: The research path A involves the dissertation[s] in the fields of land use and transport sciences and landscape planning and ecology. The research path B includes the dissertations in the field of exercise and health science, geriatrics and interdisciplinary gerontology.

Project period: 2013 – 2016

Approach / implementation / methodology:

The overall structure of the project is characterized by a common interdisciplinary methodology approach and furthermore by the joint study area of Stuttgart.

Research group and sub-projects:


  • Yasaman Ahmadi: Design of age-friendly living environments
  • Kerstin Conrad: Multidimensional vulnerability assessment of housing and living of elderly people at the neighborhood level
  • Susanne Penger: Identity of elderly people in residential areas
  • Maren Reyer: Built environment, physical activity and health in old age
  • Anja Stotz: Health effects of heat stress among elderly people

Professorial involvement

Consortium members:

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Reyer, M., Fina, S., Siedentop, S. & Schlicht, W. (2014). Walkability is only part of the story: Walking for transportation in Stuttgart, Germany. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11, 5849-5865. Available here…

Stotz, A., Rapp, K., Oksa, J., Skelton, D. A., Beyer, N., Klenk, J., Becker, C. & Lindemann, U. (2014). Effect of a Brief Heat Exposure on Blood Pressure and Physical Performance of Older Women Living in the Community—A Pilot-Study. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2014, 11(12), 12623-12631. Available here…

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