Research Groups and Projects

At the center of this research program is an ensemble of junior research groups and projects that develop appropriate strategies and concepts for a sustainable development of urban areas at the interface of science and society. Each junior research group is hosted and supervised by a research consortium. The program is funded by the Fritz and Hildegard Berg-Foundation.


Logo der JuFo 1. UrbanLandscapes & Health:
Coordinated by the Faculty of Health Science, Bielefeld University.
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2. Salus:
The city as a healthy living place independent of social
Coordinated by the Department of Spatial Planning, Technical University Dortmund.   Read more…

3. AutonomMobil:

The elderly-friendly city – autonomy and sustainable mobility in the context of climate change
Coordinated by the Institute of Sport Science, Stuttgart University. Read more…


4. Project HealthyLiving:
Two dissertation projects at the Technical University Berlin.