Volume 1

City of the future: Healthy and sustainable. Building bridges between disciplines and sectors. Eds.: Rainer Fehr, Claudia Hornberg. oekom, Munich. Available as PDF-version for free via Open Access. (Publication: 04.10.2018; in German)

Written by 40 (co-)authors, the book contains 15 chapters, 376 pages, subject index, geographic index.


Main Topics:

  • In urban life, societal efforts to promote, protect and restore human health involve numerous sectors.
  • While the importance of social injustice is widely recognized, the attention given to ecologic sustainability in the health context is lagging behind.
  • These topics need to be linked up, however, to contribute to a socially fair and ecologically sustainable urban culture.
  • Based on the notion of a „world of change“, the authors develop sustainable urban health as a concept of both knowledge and action.
  • The leading principles include (i) an extension of the field of vision, including foresight and sustainability, and (ii) resolutely building bridges, to overcome barriers which, all too often, persist between scientific disciplines, and between societal sectors as well.