Volume 5

Sustainable Urban Health for Hamburg II. Status quo and perspectives. Eds.: Rainer Fehr, Alf Trojan. oekom, Munich. Available as (german) PDF-version for free via Open Access. (Publication: 07.07.2022; in German)

The book comprises 8 chapters on 480 pages.


Main Topics:

  • History of UrbanHealth in Hamburg
  • Sustainability and health in Hamburg (climate change, urban green & blue)
  • Hamburgs urban epidemiology
  • Governance of Hamburgs UrbanHealth (political discourses; local institutions, initiatives and projects; participation; events; networks)
  • Medical and nursing care in Hamburg
  • Prevention and health promotion in Hamburg
  • Hamburgs urban policy, health and sustainability (Corona + reporting; new methodological approaches; inclusive urban development; mobility)