The Institute for Urban Public Health (InUPH)

In 2019, the Fritz and Hildegard Berg-Foundation initiated, as part of the funding program “City of the Future – Healthy, Sustainable Metropolises: New Pathways to Dialogue between Science and Civil Society”, a call for proposals to identify and strengthen interdisciplinary, practice-oriented approaches to the healthy, sustainable development of urban spaces.

The then Center for Urban Epidemiology (CUE) of the University Hospital Essen was able to win this tender; the vision of a new institute “Urban Public Health” at the Medical Faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen was submitted. The Berg-Foundation in the Donors’ Association is now funding the establishment of the institute with a total of 750,000 EUR over a period of 5 years. The Center for Urban Epidemiology (CUE) was transferred to the Institute for Urban Public Health (InUPH) on 01.05.2020.

Thematically, the InUPH deals with inter- and transdisciplinary tasks of the innovative thematic field of Urban Public Health. Cooperative research is conducted, for example, into the influence of the urban environment on people’s health and how this environment can be optimally designed.

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