Conference Series “City of the Future”

The aim of the conferences is to promote the internationally established research field “Urban Health” in Germany and to initiate a national science – practice dialogue on the basis of current research findings.

The following conferences took place:

Hamburg 2011

HafenCity University of Hamburg, Department of Urban Planning and Regional Development, 2011/10/12 – 2011/10/13: “City of the Future: Green and Healthy? Sustainable and health-promoting development of urban areas in the 21st century”
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Bolzano 2012

Free University of Bolzano (Italy), Faculty of Science and Technology, 2012/10/25 – 2012/10/26: “City of the Future: green, healthy, livable”
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Wuppertal 2013

Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, 2013/11/28: “Urban change as an opportunity – for climate, environment, health and quality of life”
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Bielefeld 2014

Bielefeld University, Faculty of Health Sciences, AG 7: Environment and Health 2014/11/03 – 2014/11/04: “Healthy urban landscapes of the Future”
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Dortmund 2016

TU Dortmund, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, 16/06/09: „City of the Future: Promoting Sustainability and Health Together – New Methodological Approaches“
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Stuttgart 2017

University of Stuttgart, Institute of Sport and Exercise Science / Chair of Sports and Health Sciences, 08./09.11.2017: “Shaping the city of the future: Lifetime mobility in any weather”
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