Conference 2021

Within the conference series “City of the Future – Healthy, Sustainable Metropolises”, the 7th conference will take place in Hamburg (Germany) on 18th November 2021 under the title: “Health and Sustainable Urban Development in the Field of Tension: Analyses, Initiatives & Planning Practice”.

In urban development and corresponding planning processes, health and sustainability are closely linked. This is evident in sectors such as housing, transport and urban greening. Many local initiatives and projects also deal with these topics. But can these different “cultures” learn from or challenge each other, and if so, in what way?

The aim of the conference is to exchange current knowledge and thus identify research needs, formulate suggestions for healthy, sustainable metropolises and identify curricular cornerstones for education and training in the disciplines involved.

Plenary lectures and workshops will address four selected topics and, in particular, their interconnections:

  • Urban epidemiology
  • Urban green/blue and health
  • Healthy and sustainable mobility
  • Urban planning, urban initiatives and health

You can find more information on these topics here.

The conference is organised by the Faculty of Health Sciences at Bielefeld University (Rainer Fehr, Claudia Hornberg) and HafenCity University Hamburg (Jörg Knieling); it is funded by the Fritz and Hildegard Berg Foundation at the German Center for Foundations.

The conference will be held as a “tandem” event. The 5th Hamburg Symposium on Regional Health Care will take place on 17th November 2021 with the topic: “Health and care of the future – how are urban and rural areas positioned?”.
The two events can also be attended independently of each other. The main conference language will be German in both cases.

Flyer, advance notice (in german)

Further information on registration will follow soon.