Volume 3

Healthy Quarters. Health promotion and prevention in urban context. Eds.: Joachim Westenhöfer, Susanne Busch, Jörg Pohlan, Olaf von dem Knesebeck, Enno Swart. oekom, Munich. (Publication: 01.07.2021; in German)

Written by 17 (co-)authors, the book contains 14 chapters on 310 pages.


Main Topics:

  • More and more people are living in cities – and there is still no reversal in sight for this trend. Urban neighbourhoods are therefore becoming increasingly important for people’s health in the sense of the setting approach.
  • This volume examines the health situation in selected urban neighbourhoods in Hamburg from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing in particular on socially disadvantaged urban areas and reflecting on their potential and limitations.
  • The volume presents concrete approaches to health promotion in socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods, which were developed and implemented with the participation of local residents, and reflects on their possibilities and difficulties, especially under the conditions of the Corona pandemic.