Bolzano 2012

Free University of Bolzano (Italy), Faculty of Science and Technology, 2012/10/25 – 2012/10/26: “City of the Future: green, healthy, livable”

Conference topics

  • Urban development, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Green Future Concepts
  • Climate change as a challenge for sustainable urban transport
  • Green Buildings
  • Urban Development in times of climate change
  • Health of urban populations from the international perspective
  • Healthy urban open spaces? Health significance of urban green spaces (city green) and waters (city blue)
  • Ecosystem services of urban green spaces and human well-being in South Tyrol
  • Community development in South Tyrol as an investment in health
  • The BVF Index as a modern instrument of urban planning
  • Potential for green, healthy and livable craft and industrial sites
  • City of the Future
  • Healthy and sustainable urban development

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