Stuttgart 2017

University of Stuttgart, Institute of Sport and Exercise Science / Chair of Sports and Health Sciences, 08./09.11.2017: “Shaping the city of the future: Lifelong mobility independent of weather conditions”. Meeting organized by the junior research group “autonomMOBIL”.

Conference Content



  • Keynote, Atiya Mahmood (Vancouver, CA): “Growing old in a changing climate”
  • Research groups and other projects, funded in the research program “City of the Future” (Bielefeld, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Berlin)
  • Public lecture, Jan Gehl (Copenhagen, DK): “Liveable cities for the 21st century”
  • Sites of action – visiting, exploring and experiencing them:
    • Places of Stuttgart
    • “Damn hot here” (exercise lab, equipped as climate chamber)
    • New pathways in the district
    • A new neighborhood emerges
    • Fishbowl Format: Exchange of experience
  • Panel discussion involving science, practice and the audience: The future of the city in the light of “great societal challenges”
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